Form Instructions

Instructions: How to Open, Save, Fill, Print, and Submit Greek School Forms

All Greek School forms are Adobe Acrobat files. They have the file extension .pdf, which stands for "Portable Document Format". They look like regular paper-based forms but can do much more. For example, you can fill-in a pdf form by typing directly into the form using a computer. To be able to open and use the pdf files for the Greek School forms you will need to have the program "Adobe Reader" installed on your computer. You can get a free copy of the latest Adobe Reader from here: Please make sure that the latest Adobe Reader is installed on your computer before you continue with these instructions.

Open: To open a pdf form, simply click on its name to open the corresponding pdf file inside your web browser. In most cases, Adobe Reader gets embedded inside your web browser and opens the pdf file. (The picture above shows the Adobe Reader toolbar inside Internet Explorer.)

(A notable exception is Google Chrome which has with its own pdf file viewer---an alternative to Adobe Reader.)

Save: You can save a form on the hard disk of your computer, at any time, by pressing the second icon on the gray Adobe Reader toolbar. (In the picture above it looks like a small floppy disk.)

It is a good idea to save an empty (unfilled) form so you can print it and fill in it by hand if necessary. After you have filled-in a form, it is a good idea to save it again but under a different file name. For example, a good filename for a filled-in form might look like this:


where Jane Doe is the name of the student.

Fill: Open a form in Adobe Reader and click on one of the predefined fields, such as "Last Name", and type in the name using the keyboard. At the top of the form, Adobe Reader shows a purple ribbon with the button " Highlight Fields" (see the picture above). You can click on this button to turn ON or OFF highlighting the fields that can be filled-in so you can recognize them easily. Those fields that are highlighted with a red border are "required" and must be filled-in. More on this later.

Some Date fields are filled-in automatically when you open a blank form, but can also be edited manually.

Date fields have a small triangle at the right edge of the field. If you click on the triangle you will see a calendar for the current month. If you click on the month's name you will "zoom out" and see all months for the current year. Similarly, if you click on the year, you will again zoom out and see decades, etc. This is a convenient way to get to a date (such as a birth date) which is far removed from the present.

Print: There are two ways to print a Greek School form. The first is to click on the left-most icon on the gray Adobe Reader toolbar. In the picture above, this icon looks like a little printer. Using this method you can print the form even if it is completely blank (unfilled) so you can fill it in by hand.

The preferred way is to click on the "Check and Print Form" button which is inside the form itself. Clicking this button does two things. First, it checks if all required fields are indeed not blank. If any required fields are blank it lets you know and gives you the opportunity to fill them in. If all the required fields appear OK, then it proceeds to send the form to your printer. Of course, when filling a form there is not substitute for due care.

Submit: All Greek School forms should be printed on paper, signed, and submitted to the Teacher/Principal. Instructions are included on the forms themselves.